Shelter & NFIs

What we work?

Shelter & NFIs:

MHD had distributed NFI kits, clothes, heater in Idlib and Aleppo Governorates  in more than thirty locations for new displacements people ( 42,000 families) including women , men, elderly people, children, the  total number of beneficiaries  was about  250,000 persons .Also MHD had distributed clothes to 50,000 IDPs and heater to 950 Families

In another hand, MHD had replaced 498 tents •The project came as an emergency response to flood damage in November 2018  in the camps north of Idlib. Also MHD replaced 222 tents as emergency response to Marrat Alnuman displacement in 2019.

In addition, MHD distributed and isolated 243 tents in 7 camps as an emergency project to respond to the damage caused by armed clashes in northern Idlib and Hama, which led to a large wave of displacement of the local population in that area.

Family 45000
Beneficiaries 250000