Food security and Livelihood

What we work?

Food Security:

 MHD provided safe drinking water daily basis thorough water trucks to all the families in Ar Rastan in Homs governorates. 50,000 beneficiaries who have received safe drink water.MHD has established a child protection center which includes child friendly space in Nawa, Dara governorate. We provided in this center with psychosocial support, Speech rehabilitation, awareness campaigns, parties and cinema activities. The total number of beneficiaries was more than 1500 children under 18.

Families 500
Beneficiaries 3200
Furthermore, MHD provided the Child care center in with Psychosocial support activities to children and women the total number of beneficiaries was 300 women and 750 children.MHD provided assistive devices for more than 500 beneficiaries who have disability, during three months in Ar-Rustan district of HomsMHD supported the IDPs from Aleppo in Al Atarb district with RTE basket and fuel for more than 500 families. On the other hand, MHD provided the IDPs in Ariha with clothes and bread, the total number of beneficiaries was 750 families. The total number of beneficiaries was 6750 beneficiaries.
women 250
Men 300