Food security and Livelihood

What we work?

Food Security:

We provided bread and vegetables to many families in Damascus countryside for the besieged families. Also we provided cloths for more than 1000 children in this area. We tried to support the besieged families with food and clothes to be protracted in winter. The total number of beneficiaries was 15,000 persons including women, men, girls, boys, and disabilities. MHD provided total of 200 families with ready meal during one month in Ar Rastan, Homs countryside.

In Jarablus, MHD provided food basket to more than 500 families who live in the official camps in Jarabuls city. This project has funded by American study center. The total number of beneficiaries was 3200 beneficiaries.

Families 500
Beneficiaries 3200

MHD implemented livelihood project funded by private donors in some areas inside of Syria through some training course for men & women in Daraa The total number of beneficiaries was 250 women trained on sewing and knitting and 300 men trained on mobile phone maintenance. In Jarablus the total number of beneficiaries was100 women trained on sewing and knitting.  MHD is seeking for expanding the livelihood project to support the communities with short and long-term livelihood projects such as livestock, food production, Alternative Energy and other sustainability projects.

women 250
Men 300