Who We are?


Muzun for Humanitarian & Development (MHD) is a civil society and Non-for -profit organization registered in Turkey, Gaziantep since 2015.

The NGO was founded by professional humanitarian workers engaged in the Syria response. We come from the communities affected by the conflict. We have set up this organization in order to support fellow Syrians with relief and non-relief assistance to maintain their under-pressured resilience and help them cope with the challenging conflict environment. In our work we focus on the most vulnerable including persons with special needs, children and women. As a grassroots organization, our work is community-led and therefore owned and sustainable.

We have presence across Syria. MHD operates in Aleppo governorate (A’zaz, Jarablus, Al Baba and Western countryside), Idleb, Hama Countryside, Daraa , Qunaytera and some besieged areas like ( Ar Ratan and Eastern Ghota).

Transparency & Accountability:


(Support people during conflict especially the marginalized to realize their potentials for community-led sustainable development).


  • Support children in the affected community through child friendly space and provide the most priority needs.
  • Women empowerment through providing livelihood projects to ensure self-reliant in their society.
  • Empowering people with special needs and supporting their needs, in order to mobilize their energies and invest them for the benefit of society.
  • Support the hos communities and IDPs with the development projects like livelihood projects (Vocational training, Agriculture & shot-term project) to ensure the sustainability in their society.
  • Support IDPs in the camps through providing lifesaving services and helping CCCM working group to specify the needed assistance through providing regular IDPs update and camps needs assessment.
  • Ensuring Quality of services through continually looking to improve the delivery of our programs by measuring our quality and performance.

Why MHD?

  • Network:

    MHD collaborates with local NGOs and INGOs to deliver the highest quality of different programs in Turkey & Syria. Connecting with different people and organizations on both local and international level to help us to better assist the affected communities. MHD coordinates and connects with the Local Councils and Local civil society organization to ensure the best coordination and coordination to achieve the overall Goals.

  • Accessibility:

    MHD has access to many locations inside of Syria through trained professionals and volunteers who work with the local communities both in the area of conflict and outside of it. Most of MHD team from the targeted location which facilitate the smooth access and implementation for any project.

  • System & Policies:

    MHD is guided by a set of policies and procedures that hold us to a high standard of professionalism, ethics and transparency. Our systems ensure we maintain a professional approach, live up to our responsibilities, and abide by our internal and external regulations. MHD is a local expertise with team has a long experience at the same field.

  • Quality Assurance:

    MHD used the international standards for increasing the quality of services provision through implement the agreed standards regularly to ensure the quality of different projects activities and the effectiveness of the projects. Equal important, participant the local communities in the implantation of the project and train them to ensure the highest quality of the projects for sustainability of these communities.

  • Capacity Building:

    MHD works to build the local capacity through providing the needed training and community participation in the project implementation to ensure the sustainability aspects for the targeted communities. Moreover, MHD provides training for its staff to adapt with needs of the communities and to increase their knowledge and experiences to ensure the highest quality for projects activities and to get full understanding about the Syrian and humanitarian context.